Development plan

At this point basic code is working, there are npc’s and monsters wondering around small towns and dungeons, some basic items but not much else to do than exploring.

This is pretty rough list.

  • Basic server/client architecture [done]
  • Initial ui [done]
  • Line of sight [done]
  • Initial world generation [done]
  • Initial dungeon generation [done]
  • Initial city generation [done]
  • Initial monster generation [done]
  • Mapping [done]
  • Basic ai architecture (initial work) [done]
  • Possibility to talk to NPC characters [done]
  • Inventory [UI done]
  • Items [done]
  • Weapons [done]
  • Fighting [done]
  • Protection (armors, shields, cloaks, boots..) [done]
  • Player stats [initial stats done]
  • Death [done]
  • Money [done]
  • Magic items
    (rings, staffs)
  • Special attributes for weapons and protection
    (+1 shield, golden helmet of protect from fire..)
  • Spells or Spell books that are basically spells (I’m not 100% sure about this yet)
  • Potions [one potion done]
  • Herbs
  • Food/Hunger/Thirst system
  • Saving state somehow (Inns, camps..)
  • Magic scrolls
  • Ranged weapons
  • Locks and keys
  • Searching (finding items, herbs, entrances like secret doors, hidden dungeons..) [initial work done]
  • Fitness point system
    (player will get tired during fighting making him slower, movement gets slower, misses attacks easier and so on)
  • More advanced fighting, hit locations, broken bones, missing limbs and so on
  • Experience system (probably no levels etc)
  • Quests
  • Shops and markets
  • Random 1-player dungeons/locations (“starter dungeon” for example)
  • Co-op dungeons (dungeons that cannot be played unless there are at least 2 players on the team)
  • Mining
  • Forging of weapons
  • Buildings (for cities)
  • Different kinds of cities (small, big, very big fortresses with separate regions for poor, rich and so on)
  • Gods and religions
  • Kingdoms
  • Kings
  • World/city history
  • Player history
  • Soldiers/Police
  • Positive and negative attributes
    (excellent/poor eyesight, phobias, …)
  • Multilevel dungeons [done]
  • Permanent state for game state
    (at the moment the game state is lost if server is restarted)
  • Building/destroying places (building your castle, dungeon, house..)
  • Other locations (castles)
  • Scripting (allow players to create things like creatures, weapons, labyrinths, plants, items and so on)
  • More complex ai
  • Procedural monsters (“ratgoblin”, “flying headless goblin”, “glow-in-the dark snake”…)
  • Procedural items (weapons, armors..)
  • Possibility to select a side and play as monster, dragon, evil spirit who haunts a ruined castle..
  • (this is a big question mark) Children – when you die [permadeath!], if you have a son or daughter you can play as them later. Also this makes possible for characters to age so you have to think about how you are going to raise your son.
  • Better graphics / more polished ui
  • Procedural graphics (forest of randomly placed trees, mountains of different shape, rocks of different shape, trees with random shape..)
  • Animated graphics
  • Graphical effects
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Horizontal scaling for game server
  • possibility to run and modify your own game server

I’m pretty sure many things are missing and many more will be added later but here is list that should keep me occupied for couple of months..

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