Fighting and death!

Fighting is now implemented. Unsurprisingly this also means that the players and monsters can now die. Simple loot is also implemented so if someone dies (player at this point as npcs don’t yet pick up items or use them), his items will be dropped to the location where he died. This also happens if someone […]


I have been real busy today and stats are now also added. The fighting system will be inspired by Crawl (as you can guess from the weapon stats). Character stats are shown on the left top corner of the screen. Next on the list: fighting. Public game server is now also updated to latest development […]


First loot is now added to the development version (the public server is not yet updated). Here are couple of testing screenshots from a friendly local village.    

Updated interface

I did a small revamp for game interface. The visited map is now shown on player view as well and small map can be toggled on and off. The view is now size of full screen. Screenshots for comparing the old and new interface below

Development roadmad

At this point the game is is pre-alpha so I think it’s beneficial to make some kind of roadmap so it’s impossible to just procrastinate because I don’t have a list of things I should do. I created a separate development plan page that shows the plan. I think the development process will be quite […]

So where are we at the moment?

Basically the basic server/client stuff is working quite nicely, there is world map to explore including some cities, caves and so on. There are NPC’s walking around, monsters and humans and humans even talk back when you talk to them. There is not much to do except to explore the current world, you can’t attack […]