Back in development..

So I took a little pause on developing this game but now the game is back in development. I have several interesting new things running on local server, I’ll write a new post after I finish them.

I decided to remove the procedural forest. It just didn’t look as good as it should have looked so the look is back to the original Ultima 4/5-like forest.

Procedural forest generation

I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to create procedural forests to see how easy it would be and what would they look like. This is initial result and I’m pretty happy with the result – it’s far from perfect but this is just with one type of tree so when some variation is added, this will look much better. It will also be easy to generate forests where forest borders would have less trees, bushes, certain kind of trees and so on.

Procedural forest

Procedural forest

Wizard mode

Wizard mode is now available, not yet at public version but I’ll add it there too. Shift+W shows full map and you can’t die. Not much else yet

besides that.

Lava and natural caves and first procedural graphics

There are now also natural cave levels.. some with lava. And sea is now semi-animated with procedural waves. Every block can now have procedural painting function attached and with some random seed magic it’s easy to generate for example procedural forests and montains later.

Next I think it’s time to create some new monsters as the old ones get too boring after testing for countless times 🙂

The dungeons are deep.. And filled with treasures!

Dungeons are now multiple levels deep. And there are treasures. And monsters are now different from each other.. And dungeons are absolutely filled with them!

I have to admit that I’m starting to enjoy playing the game myself even if there are only 3 different monsters and not much to do except try to survive and pick up some treasures.

The gameplay mostly consists of frantic running from hordes of monsters and trying to pick up some gear that helps you survive a bit longer. I kind of like the realtime aspect of the game even thought at the long run I have to balance the speed of monsters vs players as now the players are far too fast compared to monsters. I think some kind of exhaustion meter will solve the problem of being able to run too long too fast and it will also lead to some really interesting gameplay strategies.

I haven’t tested playing with multiple real players (human players that is) yet – for the game all the players are just actors that *can* kill each other if they want to and I’m not sure how well the current speed (max speed is 5 moves per second) will work on PvP, I think it’s far too fast even though attacking always takes one second (you can’t move while attacking) so you can’t just run around and hit and try to dodge all the attacks from other players. I haven’t yet decided how the game will handle the PvP aspect and will it even be allowed (I think PvP will be allowed but at quite limited level unless you want to be thrown to prison or be decapitated by the authorities).

What feels great is that the game starts to feel like a real roguelike. And as with real roguelikes, you die often and want to hit replay and start over again.

Fighting and death!

Fighting is now implemented. Unsurprisingly this also means that the players and monsters can now die.

Simple loot is also implemented so if someone dies (player at this point as npcs don’t yet pick up items or use them), his items will be dropped to the location where he died. This also happens if someone disconnects from the game by for example closing the browser window (for server dying and disconnecting are at this point the same thing).

Monster stats (including monster speed) are not done yet so every monster is the same although they look different. There is lot of balancing that needs to be done for all the stats and item list is quite limited at this point.

But I think for the first time I had quite a fun few games myself testing the loot hunting, fighting a few unwinnable fights, dying and hunting down my old characters stuff with new character. If you want to try the same, feel free to test the alpha version at


I have been real busy today and stats are now also added. The fighting system will be inspired by Crawl (as you can guess from the weapon stats). Character stats are shown on the left top corner of the screen.

Next on the list: fighting.

Public game server is now also updated to latest development version.


First loot is now added to the development version (the public server is not yet updated). Here are couple of testing screenshots from a friendly local village.



Updated interface

I did a small revamp for game interface. The visited map is now shown on player view as well and small map can be toggled on and off. The view is now size of full screen.

Screenshots for comparing the old and new interface below